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The Heritage & Stockton Models are single wide 2 Story Garages

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Providing storage above the first floor.

2 Story garages

The Liberty & Keystone Models are double wide 2 Story Garages.Providing storage above the first floor. Available in Modular style, delivered in two halves or Build On Site.

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Heritage Garage Model

sheds in west virginia

Stockton Garage Model

sheds in west virginia

Liberty Garage Model

sheds in west virginia

Keystone Garage Model

Having a large family would certainly mean having all your items and knickknacks that ultimately should be stored away. Or much better yet, a place where it could be made as a leisure area that would certainly appear much better compared to the basement. This can be finished with the right 2-story garage strategy.

A 2 story garage have actually been an important method of creating a much more safe and secure room for personal possessions or the means of obtaining an additional space for another thing. It may need redesigning or just merely building a totally new garage in order to suit the resident's requirements.

The primary garage location can be as huge or as little, relying on how many motor vehicles the proprietor has. Because a lot of Americans have at least 2 automobiles, the flooring space would be much more advantageous, taking into consideration the second floor must be equivalent to the flooring space of the garage itself.

The development of today's 2 story garages have actually grown considerably, intending to spend little when it pertains to construction expense in addition to the duration needed in order to complete the garage. Most 2 story garage strategies are tiny, which the second floor can be become a studio-type area or a solitary bed room with a floor area of ONE HUNDRED square feet. Building of a 2 story garage has a nice advantage using common materials, because the 2nd floor can be inhabited by a small household or a single person.

A few of the most fascinating layouts for a 2 story garage have been found primarily in Asia as well as a number of States in the US. These garages have actually been around since the FIFTY's, when the requirement for housing has gone over the supply, and the layouts were similar to row homes like that of San Francisco.

When making a decision to construct a 2 story garage, there is not much deliberation needed in this situation. These garages are flexible in every method, when the requirement for an extra room is no more needed, it could be made as a straightforward storage space area for many of the property owner's individual valuables. Otherwise, the garage could be made into a little workplace for those that function or actually operate in their garages.