Garage Construction /

Below you can find more information about Garage Construction.

On Portable Garages

Five 4X4 skids form the foundation for 10' - 14' wide garages. Floor joists are the standard 2X4 spaced 12" on center with 5/8 plywood comprising the floor. Framing the sidewalls are 2X4 studs and the 2X4 is also used on the roof rafters, spaced at 16" on center.

On Portable Garages & Raised Roof

Roof rafters are designed to give maximum headroom over the floor area. The roof consists of OSB Sheathing, covered with standard weight asphalt shingles. 1/2" textured Duratemp plywood covers the exterior walls or Vinyl Siding has a OSB backer. Garage door openings come in standard sizes of 8`Wide X 7` High or 9` Wide X 7` High. Other size garage doors & styles available at optional cost.

Sidewall Heights

• 10 foot wide to 14 foot wide portable garage & Modular Garage - 83 inch walls.

• Elite Garage - Raised Roof Garage - Truss Garage 93 1/2 inch walls.

• All garages with wood floors come with reinforced floors..

Portable garages are delivered to your prepared site fully assembled, painted, with shingles on. The Modular & Raised Roof Garages are delivered in two halfs and bolted together on site. The portable garages - Modular & Raised Roof Garages include a reinforced wood floor. Elite Garage is delivered with a hinged roof and raised onsite.

Truss Garage has panelized walls - built on your concrete floor - and the roof is assembled on site. Have the same basic features as mentioned above, the concrete floor you provide. Pricing is listed with you doing the concrete work, or you can use a company we recommend to do your concrete floor.

A prefab is available in the portable garages - which is these models Workshop Garage - Hi Barn Garage & Classic Garage and is only when you do not have access to place your portable garage on site. A prefab is not available for the Modular Garage.

Built on site (Prefab) is 30 percent more, that price is figured on the wood model price, not vinyl siding pricing.