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Site Requirements

Your site needs to be level so your doors work properly. We do not prepare pads but have people available to prepare your pad for you Your site must be accessible where you want us to travel on with the delivery truck, your responsible in making sure the ground where we need to travel on is firm enough. We do not deliver in bad weather.


For 6-8 wide buildings we need 11' of height, the 6' Sidewall 13'. All other buildings need 14' height. On the width we need 2' more going straight in; more width is needed depending on how hard the turn is. The harder the turn the more width we need, and likewise the longer the shed the more width we need on turns. Please be prepared to give us as much space as possible. Shed sizes come in set sizes to best utilize the lumber. We have allowable limits to floor sizes, the 6 wide is a full 6 wide, the 8 wide is 93", the 10 wide is a full 10', 12 wide is 140", 14 wide is 161".

Site Prepration

Level off 4X4 or 4X6, treated timbers for a border around the outside and fill with 3/4 inch stone to the top of the border. Make your pad 6-12 inches more on the inside of your border than the size shed you plan to order, for better water drainage, to avoid dirt splash on shed and to simplify grass trimming. Keep your pad as low to the ground as possible, otherwise we cannot get your shed on your pad, we need at least 16 inches of clearance.

Gable End
Example - proper access requires that the trees on this end be removed as this was the end we back in from.

Pine Board & Batten or Duratemp

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Showing a 12X20 Carriage Shed - Arch Door N/A

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Truck and trailer used for delivery

Above is the preferred method of site preparation. The only mistake being very poor access. The shed is unloaded from the gable end and so we need access to drive out from the gable end, like you see in the picture below. Please make sure when choosing a site for your shed you give us proper access from the gable end.

Pine Board & Batten or Duratemp

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Stone Pad

The Stone Pad is the unsung hero of the backyard building project. Though, often gone unnoticed, the stone pad insures that your storage shed, gazebo, or horse barn will withstand the test of time.Without a good foundation, your structure may be in for a hard life.

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Level Ground

A level and durable foundation is an essential part of every structure. The expertise of our excavators allows us to prepare your inclined or uneven yard for a level, durable stone pad. Inclined yards can be built up with pressure treated timbers or beautiful landscaping block.

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Firm Foundation

Our stone pads are built to protect the structure it supports. Each foundation is given a distinct and sturdy perimeter using 4x6 pressure treated timbers or with our attractive landscaping block. Five inches of clean stone fills in as the foundation, providing excellent drainage and firm support.

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Solid Investment

Now that your stone pad is complete, you have a foundation that will not only support your physical structure but also support an ideal environment from which you can easily place your own personal touches, which will enhance the look and feel of your backyard.